The daring sport of kite surfing has now made its way to Koh Samui, and the spectacle of super fast surfers gliding across the bay and launching themselves into the air is an exciting addition to the usual sights offshore. With several shallow bays and many days with consistent wind speeds, Samui is a good place to learn the sport. Inside the reef the water is warm and flat, waves are building outside the reef as the wind strength increases. No nasty marine animals to watch out for here. Board shorts and a rashie is all that's required.

Water temperatures: Range from 26-28 Celsius throughout the year. There are numerous beaches suited for kite surfing depending on the season, wind direction and tide. The two main spot for kite surfing is Lamai Beach and North of Nathon on the West coast.

Koh Samui offers world class kite-spot for all levels. The North-East Monsoon delivers steady winds to the eastern part and between November and February you find top conditions for all kitesurfer levels here. Beginner kitesurfers enjoy hip-deep water in the huge lagoons, advanced kitesurfers blast along the flat-water or play with the reef-wave at high tide.

Hua Thanon (south of popular Lamei beach) is nested in a huge lagoon and thus is the perfect location for kitesurfing for riders of all levels. The lagoon floor has an even depth making it perfect to learn in and improve skills. No currents and no huge fish either. The lagoon offers lots of space, as there are very few swimmers or boats. The water temperature is usually between 23 and 27 degrees. Excellent and reliable winds are between October and February. Side-onshore-Winds come mainly from the right side but don’t worry you’ll came back safely! In high tide expert kitesurfers can play with the reef-waves.