Koh Samui has become world famous for its detox centers. There are daily or weekly programs combining delicious juices, nutritional superfoods, yoga, meditation, daily massage, herbal

steam baths and educational workshops. Colonic hydrotherapy treatments is an extremely popular way of cleansing the body, and available at the bigger detox centers.

Massages are offered everywhere in Samui and can cost everything from a few hundred bath for a beach massage to several thousand bath in a trendy spa.

Samui's biggest yoga and well-being center is located only 900 meters from The Park Samui, they have several classes all day and all facilities for full detox treatments. Private massage and yoga instruction can be arranged at your house at The Park Samui.


Fasting has been long known to have a benefit to peoples health - both from weight reduction and reducing levels of toxins within the body. For many years it has been incorporated into a number of religious doctrines at pre-set times in the calendar as a way of cleansing the body and focusing the mind. It is a perfectly natural process.

A fasting & detox retreat / center normally takes things one step further by incorporating a number of other detoxifying processes to assist. One of these is likely to be 'colonics'. A colonic irrigation is the process of flushing your bowel with water to assist your body in eliminating toxins built up over the years from our less than perfect lifestyles. There are likely to be a number of colonic irrigations during the detox - the exact number can vary between programs.

How do you perform a colema ? A colema is performed in the privacy of a bathroom using a colema board. The water is suspended at a high level so it is gravity fed. Lying on your back you insert the tube from the water supply into your rectum and allow the water to slowly fill your bowel and intestinal tract. It is then released on to the colema board and into the toilet. This process assists the release of unwanted deposits in your digestive system.

Other things fasting & health retreats and centers use to assist detoxification during a fast include liver flush drinks & herbal food supplements.

Liver flush drinks are usually composed of bentonite clay and a mixture of other natural ingredients. As the name suggests this assists in cleansing the liver.

The herbal food supplements are in tablet form.

Yoga is also usually offered as part of a retreat program to assist the mind in winding down and relaxing as well as toning your body. The amount of Yoga and whether it is included or extra varys between programs and retreat centres

Finally at the end of a fast most detox and fasting retreats help you back on to solid food by advising the best "re-tox" diet. They may also supply you with an implant to assist your bowel and digestive system to get back to normal function quickly.